Classic Sitcoms

A Celebration of the Best in Prime-Time Comedy

  • 632 Pages
  • 6x9 Paper
  • Index
  • B&W photos
  • Silman-James Press
  • 9781879505254
  • 1-879505-25-8
I Love Lucy
The Honeymooners
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show 
All in the Family
The Bob Newhart Show
Barney Miller

Classic Sitcoms is the complete guide to the ten all-time best sitcoms, as determined by a consensus of forty-five top TV critics.  It provides sitcom fans, trivia buffs, and TV scholars with
• Behind the scenes stories of how each show got on the air
• Backstage anecdotes from stars, writers, and producers
• Storylines for every episode
• Complete credits—including writers, directors, and guest stars
• Tallies of Emmy awards and yearly ratings

“Don’t watch Nick at Nite without this book.”
—Howard Gerwirtz, Producer, Taxi

“Wonderfully written and amazing throughout… it not only tells you what TV’s funniest shows were all about, but reveals what made them so funny in the first place.  One of the few essential resources for anyone involved in the business of writing television comedy—or anyone who’d like to be.”
—Dan Staley, Co-Executive Producer, Cheers

“Terrific… you really get a sense of what it must have been like to have been there during the creation of some of TV’s finest half-hours.”
—Jay Sandrich, Director, The Mary Tyler Moore Show

“It explains and defines what television is all about.”
Emmy Magazine

Vince Waldron

Vince Waldron is the author of The Official “Dick Van Dyke Show” Book and the co-author of Ronnie Spector’s autobiography, Be My Baby.


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