Classic Fashion Patterns of the 20th Century
Anne Tyrrell

Other title by Anne Tyrrell

Vintage Dress Patterns of the 20th Century


160 Pages
9½x12 Paper
Color and B&W illustrations
Costume & Fashion Press / QSM

Packed with 60-plus historical and vintage patterns from 1900 to 1970, Classic Fashion Patterns is a practical and inspiring pattern book of 20th century costume. Working from surviving garments and contemporary tailoring books and patterns, each decade is considered separately, with a short introduction that reveals the fascinating relationship between dress and social trends throughout the century.

The 20th century was an era of rapid technology development and this is reflected by the changing fashions over the decades. In some cases, not only the styles themselves have vanished, but the skills needed to cut and construct them are almost forgotten. This easy to use and practical guide helps to resolve the many problems faced by the theatrical costume designer or fashion student who wishes to reconstruct historical and vintage garments.

The featured clothes range from an Edwardian Directoire-style evening dress a flapper dress and a 1930s wedding dress to a Teddy Boy outfit and a 1960s A-line mini dress. All the sketches are accompanied by information on notable features, suitable fabrics and colors, underwear and accessories.

Scale patterns follow each outfit shown, complete with detailed notes on making up, using techniques appropriate to the period. A grid for enlargement of the pattern pieces is provided together with full instructions, making it easy to recreate stunning historical and vintage outfits for any occasion.

About Anne Tyrrell

Anne Tyrrell was a lecturer in charge of design and fashion at Coventry Technical College and was also an experienced teacher of embroidery, textile art, tailoring and dressmaking.

“Packed with historical and vintage patterns from 1900-1970, this is a practical and inspiring pattern book, providing an essential reference for film and theatre costume-makers, fashion designers or anyone interested in recreating classic vintage fashions."
Sew Today

“This is a fantastic book for research. For a costume designer or something, probably a real treasure chest. This book doesn’t cover just vintage clothing, but style in general. For each period you get information on things like fashionable fabrics and colors of the period, what kind of undergarments were used, hairstyles, makeup etc. This information is given about men’s clothing and style as well, which is nice.”
—Sadie The Sewing Machine

“It is an easy to use practical guide that helps to resolve the many problems faced by theatrical costume designers and fashion students on how to reconstruct historical and vintage garments. Highly recommended as well-put together, contains a wealth of information on 20th century costumes and it is an essential reference for costume designers and fashion students.”

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