Our Books

Silman-James Press
Siles Press
Drama Books / QSM
Costume & Fashion Press / QSM
Film Noir Fatal Women
Greenlighting Yourself
How to Sell Yourself as an Actor, 7th edition
Movies Without Baggage
Advanced Screenwriting
African-American Screenwriters Now
Audiobook Acting
Book on Acting
Breaking Into Commercials, 3rd Edition
Character Animation Crash Course!
Charles Lloyd
Clearance & Copyright, 4th Edition
Clearance & Copyright, 5th Edition
Comic Insights
Composing Pictures
Contracts for the Film and Television Industry, 3rd Edition
Conversations with Charlie Haden
Costuming for Film
Created By…
Creativity Rules!
Dealmaking in Film & Television Industry, 4rd Edition (Revised & Updated)
Editing Reality TV
Grammar of the Film Language
In the Blink of an Eye, 2nd Edition
Innocence of the Eye
Inside Film Music
Making A Good Script Great, 3rd Edition
Making a Good Writer Great
Making Movies Work
Movie Money – 3rd Edition (Updated and Expanded)
Movie Marketing
Music for the Movies, 2nd Edition
Naked Playwriting
Naked Playwriting, 2nd edition Revised and Updated
Not Quite a Memoir
Produced By…
Raymond Chandler in Hollywood
Reel Power
Roger Corman
Scored to Death
Scored to Death 2
Screenplay, 2nd Edition
Screenwriter's Bible, 7th edition
Screenwriting Tricks of the Trade
Screenwriting Updated
Show Runner
The 21st-Century Screenplay
The Actor Takes a Meeting
The Biz–5th Edition
The Biz, 6th edition
The Comic Toolbox
The Five C's of Cinematography
The One-Hour Drama Series
The Score
The Twilight Zone Companion, 3rd edition
Torn Music
Total Directing
What a Producer Does
What an Art Director Does
William Friedkin
Zen and the Art of Screenwriting
Zen and the Art of Screenwriting 2
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