How to Sell Yourself as an Actor, 7th edition


5½x8½ Paper
Index, Glossary
Silman-James Press

How to Sell Yourself as an Actor is the only guide to the ins and outs of the acting business that’s actually written by a working actor. This popular book, now in its seventh edition, addresses the age-old question of how to merchandise your craft after you have learned it, and has become required reading for beginning actors as well as trained veterans, whether they live in big cities or small towns.

Here you’ll find vital, down-to-earth info on how to make yourself more salable to casting people, agents, producers, and directors; how to take control of your own career with courage and vision; and how to maintain your humor and your sanity in a business that seems to lack both; as well as thoughts about showbiz internships, having a manager, internet job resources, auditioning, unions, and much, much more.


About K Callan

K Callan has been acting professionally and steadily for television, the stage, and the movies for sixty years. Among her myriad TV credits are All in the Family, Barney Miller, Rhoda, Newhart, St. Elsewhere, Dallas, Coach, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Diagnosis Murder, Chicago Hope, King of the Hill, The Division, Carnivàle, Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, ER, Meet the Browns, How I Met Your Mother, Veep, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her film credits include Joe, A Touch of Class, The Onion Field, American Gigolo, Frankie and Johnny, Nine Lives, 88 Minutes, Why Did I Get Married?, and Knives Out.

“This tough little book makes it clear that an actor in America is a small businessman selling a product that nobody particularly wants. Sitting around waiting for someone to place an order won’t do. Author K Callan shows the young actor how to maintain dignity while merchandising the product.”—Los Angeles Times

“Besides practical information on such subjects as how to find an agent and how to audition, actress-author K Callan tosses in advice on how to get organized and how to assess one’s acting potential in the marketplace. This book should come in handy for anyone considering an acting career.”—Weekly Variety

“Unlike most books on acting, this one doesn’t talk about how to act, but how to actually become an actor.”—Los Angeles Daily News “Wonderfully written, funny, a ‘must-read’ not only for actors, but anyone looking to get started in this industry.”—Carl Sautter, author, How to Sell Your Screenplay “Terrific! Finally a book I can recommend to actors who want to become working actors.”—Paul Waigner, Emmy-winning television produce

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