Walter Murch

Walter Murch has been honored by both British and American Motion Picture Academies for his picture editing and sound mixing. In 1997, Murch received an unprecedented double Oscar for both film editing and sound mixing on The English Patient (1996, dir. A. Minghella), as well as the British Academy Award for best editing. Seventeen years earlier, he received an Oscar for best sound for Apocalypse Now(1979, dir. F. Coppola), as well as British and American Academy nominations for his picture editing on the same film. He also won a double British Academy Award for his film editing and sound mixing on The Conversation (1974, dir. F. Coppola), was nominated by both academies for best film editing for Julia (1977, dir. F. Zinnemann), and in 1991 received two Oscar nominations for Best Film Editing for the films Ghost (dir. J. Zucker) and The Godfather, Part III (dir. F. Coppola).

Among Murch’s other picture editing credits are for The Unbearable Lightness of Being(1988, dir. P. Kaufman), House of Cards (1993, dir. Michael Lessac), Romeo is Bleeding(1994, dir. P. Medak), First Knight (1995, dir. J. Zucker), and The Talented Mr. Ripley(1999, dir. A. Minghella).

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