Screenwriter's Bible, The – 7th edition

A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script


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The Screenwriter's Bible's 7th edition marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most popular, authoritative, and useful books on screenwriting. A standard by which other screenwriting books are measured, it has sold over 340,000 copies in its twenty-five-year life. Always up-to-date and reliable, it contains everything that both the budding and working screenwriter need under one cover—five books in one!

  • A Screenwriting Primer—that provides a concise course in screenwriting basics;
  • A Screenwriting Workbook—that walks you through the complete writing process, from nascent ideas through final revisions;
  • A Formatting Guide—that thoroughly covers today’s correct formats for screenplays and TV scripts;
  • A Spec Writing Guide—that demonstrates today’s spec style through sample scenes and analysis, with an emphasis on grabbing the reader’s interest in the first ten pages;
  • A Sales and Marketing Guide—that presents proven strategies to help you create a laser-sharp marketing plan.

Among this book’s wealth of practical information are sample query letters, useful worksheets and checklists, hundreds of examples, sample scenes, and straightforward explanations of screenwriting fundamentals. The sixth edition is chock-full of new examples, the latest practices, and new material on non-traditional screenplay outlets.

About David Trottier

David Trottier is a script consultant, writer, producer, and screenwriting teacher. Trottier has sold, optioned, or developed numerous screenplays and stories for The Walt Disney Company, Jim Henson Pictures, York Entertainment, On the Bus Productions, Hill Fields (for ABC television) and New Century Pictures. Titles include Igor's Revenge (produced), Zorro the Gay Blade (produced, but not credited), The Muppet's Hockey Movie—The Comeback Kids (not completed due to Jim Henson's death), Ratman From Saturn, Kumquat, The New Musketeers, and A Window in Time. He co-wrote and co-produced the cult comedy, Hercules Recycled.   More recently, he wrote A Penny Promise (produced; winner of awards at two film festivals) and sold Hemingway's Twin, an inspiring story about the Hemingway women. As a teacher and script consultant, he has helped hundreds of writers sell their work, break into the biz, and win contests. He has taught at the major screenwriting expos and conferences, has lectured or led seminars at over 30 American universities, and teaches occasional writing classes at the University of Phoenix. Trottier was a senior writer and columnist for the national print edition of Script Magazine during its entire existence (1989-2012), and has published hundreds of articles in national publications, including Writer's Digest, Hollywood Scriptwriter, Road & Track, USA TODAY, Vision, Disney Channel Magazine, COINage, Gift & Stationery, Single Parent, Creative Screenwriting, and American Writer.  His short story collection, Dexter's First Date and Other Titillating Tales, was published many years ago. He currently writes for Script Magazine online edition, Screenplay Scoop, and other periodicals. Trottier is also known as Dr. Format because he has been the go-to guy for screenplay formatting. His book The Screenwriter’s Bible was the basis for the software Script Thing, which later became Movie Magic Screenwriter.

"Love your book—very practical. I’ve kept it near my desk since high school and I still go back to it.”
—Travis Beacham, Screenwriter, Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans, Dog Days of Summer

"Whether you are a rank beginner who needs instruction, or an old pro who needs reminding, you could not do better than Dave Trottier’s book.”
—William Kelley, Academy Award–Winning Writer, Witness

"If you have the gift, this book will show you how to use it.”
—Victoria Wisdom, Producer-Manager and Former Literary Agent at ICM and Becsey Wisdom Kalajian

"All the essential information in one neat, script-sized volume…. New screenwriters will find The Screenwriter’s Bible invaluable; experienced screenwriters will find it an excellent addition to their reference shelf.”
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