What an Art Director Does

An Introduction to Motion Picture Production Design

Available as ebook only Kindle

190 Pages
7x9 Paper
Color & B&W Photos
Silman-James Press

What an Art Director Does is a comprehensive introduction to film and television art direction and production design.

Starting with a brief history of the field, Mr. Preston’s lively, well-written text leads the reader through the ins and outs of all the responsibilities and duties that fall on the art director’s shoulders.  A wealth of information on preparing script breakdowns, research, design and presentation, scouting and working on locations, set designs and construction, working as part of a team, and much more is coupled with examples drawn from the author’s own experiences.

This book is a must-read for all aspiring production designers and all filmmakers who desire a firm understanding of the physical process of film production.

About Ward Preston

Ward Preston’s film and television production design and art direction credits are extensive and diverse.  They include Towering Inferno (for which he received an Academy Award nomination), Airplane!, That Championship Season, and Purple Rain.  He has also worked as a set designer, a theme park designer, and, before entering the film industry, he maintained a private architectural practice.

“There are a lot of people who have been in this business for many years who would benefit from reading this comprehensive book.”
—Gray Fredrickson, Producer, Godfather II

“Your clear, concise and factful book on the subject of art direction is superb.  I extend thanks from the thousands of would-be directors and designers in film schools throughout the world who will be the beneficiaries of your efforts.”
—Gene Allen, Executive Director, Society of Motion Picture & Television Art Directors; Past President, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

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