Show Runner
Producing Variety and Talk Shows for Television Steve Clements


177 Pages
6x9 Paper
Silman-James Press
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The “show runner” is the television producer who commands a show's moment-to-moment, day-to-day details. The show runner hires and supervises the staff, decides what will be included in each show, coordinates the casting of each segment, makes sure that a show adheres its budget and schedule, and oversees a production's flow of activities in conjunction with other producers, staff members, technical crews, and post-production personnel.

This lively, informative book covers all aspects of show-running variety and talk shows for television. Filled with examples from actual shows, it covers making, pitching, and selling a pilot; production development; a show runner's duties and weekly schedule; working with other members of a production’s staff and crew; producing a season of shows, and much more. It also defines the roles played by the many producers whose credits we see on the screen (line producer, field producer, executive producer, etc.) and their interactions with the show runner.

Additionally, this book covers show running as a career, discussing the job’s many pleasures and many hard realities, including selling oneself, finding work, negotiating for a percentage of a show's profits, and more.

About Steve Clements

Steve Clements has written, directed, and produced more than 3,000 non-fiction television programs—from network broadcast to video to live production in a Disney studio. He has managed production staffs ranging from four to 150 and established and met budgets ranging from $11,000 to $1,000,000 a week. Clements now serves as Cree-Walker Distinguished Professor of Communications at Augusta State University, where he heads the Television and Cinema program and trains MBA candidates in Business Communications. From his home base in Atlanta, Georgia, he provides oral communications and media training for area professionals.

“Anyone even thinking about a career in television should read this book! This book is the next best thing to being able to work side by side with Steve Clements, one of the best producers of daily television. He shares his expertise, insights and personal stories, which both inform and entertain the reader about the fundamentals of television producing.”
—Meredith Fox, Supervising Producer of Win Ben Stein's Money and New Star Search

“A wonderful learning tool and an entertaining read, Steve Clements blends straightforward information, real working-world advice, and amusing anecdotes culled from his own distinctive career. Show Runner gives any student of television production a clear and concise look at the behind-the-scenes work it takes to create magic onscreen.”
—Carole Chouinard, Producer of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and Dennis Miller

“Faced with the responsibility of creating a new Mickey Mouse Club to replicate the phenomenon of 1955, I needed an executive producer who fit an unbelievably demanding profile. The obvious guy was Steve Clements, who met and exceeded the challenge. In short, Steve created an all-new phenomenon from scratch and produced an amazing television series.”
—Patrick Davidson, Former Vice-President of The Disney Channel, and President of Patrick Davidson Productions

“As my producer, Steve was able to teach me to be on camera. That is the secret of the relationship between a performer and the audience. The result was Hour Magazine, which stayed on television for nearly a decade.”
—Gary Collins, Host of Hour Magazine and Home

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