Scored to Death 2

More Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers

NEW — January 2021
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Scored to Death: Conversations with Some of Horror's Greatest Composers


492 pages
6x9 paper
Silman-James Press

“A fascinating and entertaining deep dive into the creative process of some of the genre’s most talented composers. Blake asks all the right questions. . . . I couldn’t put it down.”
—Jamie Blanks, director, Urban Legend and Valentine

“J. Blake Fichera’s interviews with horror’s top composers combine a journalist’s penetrating curiosity and attention to detail with a fanboy’s infectious enthusiasm—and the combination is irresistible for lovers of film, film music, and our beloved genre. If you lie in bed at night wondering about the deadly dangers of ‘temp love’ or Richard Band’s first guitar—or even how composers approach the challenge of creating music for killer dolls—this book is for you.”
—Don Mancini, writer-director, creator of Chucky (Child’s PlayBride of Chucky, etc.)

“Playwright William Congreve wrote, ‘Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.’ And I’m certain if any of the composers in Scored to Death 2 were tasked with ‘soothing a savage breast’ in a scene, their score would do so. In this book, these remarkable artists reveal their influences, approaches to a scene, and secrets that make us care, worry, tense up, and scream in terror. Their music takes us into our minds’ darkest realms. They are the magicians who make what is invisible to our eyes visible to our imaginations.”
—Tom McLoughlin, writer-director, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason LivesOne Dark Night, and Sometimes They Come Back

Following in the spirit and style of Scored to Death (2016), his popular first book of interviews with horror music greats, J. Blake Fichera’s Scored to Death 2 collects 16 brand-new, info-packed, terrifyingly entertaining interviews with renowned composers who have provided the music for some of horror’s most revered films, film franchises, and TV shows, including Get OutUsMartinRe-AnimatorThe Walking Dead, Puppet Master, SawCreepshowDay of the DeadA Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Evil DeadArmy of DarknessDark ShadowsBurnt OfferingsThe TerminatorThe Serpent and the RainbowRingKiller Klowns from Outer SpaceAudition, GhouliesHappy Death DayIt FollowsGretel & Hansel, and many more!

Interviewed are composer-director-producer John Harrison and eminent scary-good composers Michael Abels, Richard Band, Charlie Clouser, Brad Fiedel, Joe LoDuca, Donald Rubinstein, John Massari, Bear McCreary, Craig Safan, Kenji Kawai, Holly Amber Church, Koji Endo, Robert Cobert, Rob, and Disasterpeace, all bookended by a Foreword by writer-director Eli Roth and an Afterword by composer Christopher Young.

About J. Blake Fichera

J. Blake Fichera has taught film studies at the State University of New York at Purchase and has contributed as a writer and interviewer to several noteworthy film and music-related publications and websites, including Video Watchdog magazine,,,, and American Blues News. He has been a professional film/television editor and producer since 2001 and cohosts the film-themed podcast Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers. He is also a gigging musician in the New York City area and a New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee. He lives in Manhattan.

“If you love in-depth conversations with composers, J. Blake Fichera’s follow-up to Scored to Death (2016) is a perfect volume. Scored to Death 2 features interviews with 16 more composers who specialize in horror films, plus a forward by Eli Roth and an afterward by Christopher Young. Like in the first book, Fichera’s enthusiasm easily comes through the text. Each section begins with an introduction for each composer, plus anecdotal details of Fichera’s experience with them and their music.

“The interviews come across as natural dialogues between people who love movies and music. Although they don’t drill into the nitty-gritty of process and theory, the accessible style will appeal to a wide audience of horror buffs, not just the ones with specific technical knowledge. This gives a real warmth to Fichera’s interview style—you feel like you’re part of a discussion, not a lecture.

“Scored to Death 2 has decent array of composers within its pages, beginning with relative newcomer Michael Abels and ending with the veteran Craig Safan. Sharing the stage are Richard Band, Holly Amber Church, Charlie Clouser, Robert Cobert, Disasterpeace (Rich Vreeland), Koji Endo, Brad Fiedel, John Harrison, Kenji Kawai, Joseph LoDuca, John Massari, Bear McCreary, Rob (Robin Coudert) and Donald Rubinstein. They each share their stories with Fichera like connecting with a friend.

“Massari, for example, before delving into his experience scoring Killer Klowns from Outer Space, details his work on the seemingly forgotten HBO series The Ray Bradbury Theater (including how he was motivated by Bradbury himself). Harrison recounts his scoring days on Creepshow and Day of the Dead, but he also tells Fichera all about his directing side, like working on the Dune miniseries with Graeme Revell. . . .

“Scored to Death 2 spins plenty of juicy tales to entertain horror and score fans. And with this book coming in at just over 500 pages, that’s a lot of pandemic reading.”
—Kristen Romanelli, Film Score Monthly

“In this sequel to J. Blake Fichera’s popular 2016 volume, Scored to Death 2 offers a much welcome compendium of new interviews with 16 more film composers who have specialized in or made significant contributions to horror film music. The second book is larger by more than 100 pages than the first, containing fascinating in-depth interviews with such horror score notables as Richard Band, Charilie Clouser, Michael Abels, Joseph LoDuca, Koji Endo, Brad Fiedel, Bear McCreary, Craig Safan, Holly Amber Church, Kenji Kawai, and many others, offering a provocative and quite fascinating journey into the making of music for this broadly specialized form of filmmaking. As a musician and film editor, Fichera knows the kinds of questions to ask that will prompt memories and generate comprehensive discussions, illuminating not only the menacing musical mores of scare cinema, but in-depth details about the horror scores these ladies and gentlemen of the baton and/or battery of electronica have created. . . . Fichera asks provocative questions that stimulate comprehensive answers.

“The horror genre is booming these days, and has grown into a multiplicity of categorical sub-genres; with this growth, composers and musicians around the world have found new styles and innovations in musical sound that expands the immersive experience of watching scary movies. Scored too Death 2 follows on the popularity of Fichera’s first volume by providing an ongoing conversational examination about the art and science of fright films which is both intriguing and instructive. It will answer questions on the how and why behind some of the most powerful and affecting scare scores of recent decades, which will educate and enlighten fans and followers of these films while also offering insights and inspiration for those seeking to follow in the haunted footsteps of these music makers into the horrific halls of fearful film scoring.”
—Randall D. Larson,

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