Movies Without Baggage

A Guide to Ultra-Low-Budget Filmmaking


January 2022

  • 316 pages
  • 6x9 paper
  • Illustrated with B&W Photos, charts
  • 9781935247241

With today’s proliferation of nine-figure film budgets, filmmaking may seem more out of reach 23.9than ever for the average person. In fact, producing a feature-length movie for next to nothing has never been easier. In Movies Without Baggage, longtime filmmakers Alain Silver, Obren Bokich, and sundry others recount their experiences in the micro-budget arena and detail how 21st-century technology makes it possible to create high-quality, full-length features for less than $30,000 or $15,000 or even $7,500.

Through in-the-trenches tales detailing the making of a dozen micro-budget features, this book covers all aspects of making movies without baggage: finding/creating the right script, budgeting, casting, dealmaking with actors and crew, scheduling, shooting, post-production, and finally marketing and securing distribution. This entertainingly illustrated volume also includes samples of the paperwork from five of the ultra-low-budget films it profiles.

Movies Without Baggage is the ultimate guide for the aspiring guerrilla filmmaker. Never before has a book like this come from filmmakers with such varied experience and with credits that include features ranging in budget from over $10 million to under $5,000.

Alain SIlver

Obren Bokich


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