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Designed to speak clearly and intelligently to non-musicians and musicians alike, Inside Film Music is a must-read for every film music fan. Through its more than forty lively, insightful interviews, it delves deeply into the creative process, the basics of musical thought, filmmaking's collaborative nature, and the individual psyches of its participating composers. It covers every current style of film music, the essence of what it means to write score motion pictures, the role of the artist in commercial enterprises … and much more.

Includes composers:
Klaus Badelt, John Barry, Marco Beltrami, Bruce Broughton, Teddy Castellucci, Jeff Danna, Mychael Danna, Don Davis,  John Debney, Cliff Eidelman, Robert Folk,  John Frizzell, Philip Glass, Lee Holdridge,  Mark Isham, Jan Kaczmarek, Rolfe Kent, Cliff Martinez, John Ottman,  Basil Poledouris, Jocelyn Pook, Rachel Portman, John Powell, David Raksin, Graeme Revell, Jeff Rona, Marc Shaiman, Ryan Shore, Alan Silvestri, Brian Tyler, Stephen Warbeck, Gabriel Yared, Christopher Young… and a short list of top orchestrators, music-sensitive producers/directors, a music editor, and Hollywood music contractor Sandy DeCrescent.

About Christian DesJardins

Christian DesJardins is a musician.

"Fascinating and ear-opening! Draws the reader into a passionate, intricate and collaborative world, explaining the roles of inspiration, technology and sheer hard work. You'll never hear film music quite the same again!"
—Tom Null, Citadel Records

"A trove of wonderfully interesting comments by a fine, eclectic cast of composers. Good Stuff!"
—Michael Schelle, author of The Score

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