Produced By…

Balancing Art and Business in the Movie Industry


231 Pages
6x9 Paper
Silman-James Press

Produced by... is an A-to-Z guide to producing movies, whether they are large-budget studio-backed productions or low-budget and mid-budget independents. Logically organized to follow a film’s usual timeline from conception to birth, this completely revised and updated edition of Lazarus’s The Film Producer, includes thorough discussions of:

DEVELOPMENT: Acquisition of materials, choosing and working with writers, working with agents, working with studios, financing outside the studio system

PREPRODUCTION: Roles and duties of the film crew and the producer’s team, budgeting, casting, shooting schedules

PRODUCTION: Managing the movie and its budget, choosing and working with a director, production politics

POSTPRODUCTION: Postproduction process, postproduction budget and schedule, editor’s cut, director’s cut, resolving creative disagreements

MARKETING: Understanding the many facets of domestic and foreign distribution, developing and implementing marketing strategies, doing market research, previews, advertising, using the Internet.
...and many, many other essential topics.

About Paul N. Lazarus

Paul N. Lazarus III is Program Director for the University of Miami’s Motion Pictures and Video-Film Programs. He has worked as production head for Home Box Office, Marble Arch, ABC Pictures, and Palomar Pictures and as film commissioner for the state of New Mexico. Among the seven major motion pictures he has produced are Westworld and Capricorn One. He has also produced 68 award-winning educational films, and is the author of three books (including Working in Film) and several screenplays, as well as articles in professional journals.

Produced by... is an invaluable tool kit for anyone wanting to navigate their entertainment career to a successful landing.”
—Peter Guber, Chairman and CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Group

“This is an excellent roadmap for an aspiring producer or entertainment industry exec looking for guidance in a business which typically has no real ‘rules’.”
—Jim Wiatt, Chairman and CEO, The William Morris Agency

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