Tudor Tailor

Techniques and Patterns for Making Historically Accurate Period Clothing

Other title by Ninya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm Davis
The Tudor Child


160 Pages
9x11 Paper
Color and B&W Illustrations
Costume & Fashion Press / QSM

This essential sourcebook for costume designers, dressmakers and those involved in historical reenactments, this book contains all the information you need to create authentic clothes from the Tudor period.

The Tudor Tailor brings the history of 16th-century clothing to life.The first four chapters provide a social history of clothes in the 16th century, drawing on the latest research and primary sources such as ordinary people's wills and surviving royal records. There is discussion of the materials used (only some of which are familiar to today's costume maker), people's financial and social relationships with their clothes and the changes in dress from birth to death. There is as much emphasis on the clothes of ordinary people as there is on high fashion.

Accompanying the text is a dazzling selection of illustrations, including portraits from the period and extant examples of historic garments, plus specially commissioned line drawings showing Tudor dress decade by decade.

The book provides 36 patterns for specific garments typical of the era, from basic shirts and smocks to sumptuous outer clothing for the fashionable elite, also including accessories such as ruffs, cuffs, collars, hats and headdresses. Alongside the patterns are full step-by-step instructions, detailed diagrams and photographs that show the finished garments worn by real people. There is also general advice on choosing materials, construction methods, and an insight into the Tudor tailor's sewing kit.

About Ninya Mikhaila

Ninya Mikhaila has been making reproduction historical costumes since 1988. She established her business in 1994 after gaining a Higher National Diploma in Costume Interpretation at the London College of Fashion. She has been the principal maker for JMD&Co since then. Her other clients include the Royal Armouries, Historic Royal Palaces, The National Trust, English Heritage and The National Archives

About Jane Malcolm-Davies

Jane Malcolm-Davies is director of JMD&Co, a live interpretation consultancy. She managed costumed interpretation at Hampton Court Palace from 1992 to 2004 and was lecturer in leisure management at the University of Surrey, where she gained her doctorate in heritage interpretation, until 2005. Her current work includes training front-of-house staff for historic properties, including Buckingham Palace. Jane also undertakes interpretation, evaluation and other visitor studies for heritage organizations such as The National Trust and Historic Scotland.

“The research has been conducted not only with meticulous scholarship, but with obvious joy as well, making this book a pleasure to read. It's a must-have for anyone - hobbyist to professional - seeking to reconstruct Tudor and Elizabethan clothing.”

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