Little Bodice Book

A Workbook on Period Bodices


48 Pages
4x6 Paper
Costume & Fashion Press / QSM

Building on one basic bodice pattern Ambrose suggests different trim that will change the attitude, style and period of the garment. A Victorian Bodice is achieved by adding a high neck and leg o’ mutton sleeve. Rococo bodices from the 1770s are created for different events: dinner, garden, travel or party. Adaptations for Restoration 1650s create different classes: peasant, upper class, court, travel. The 1600 Elizabethan looks include court, merchant, upper class, and peasant. Additional sleeve treatments for the 15th-16th centuries are also included.

About Bonnie Holt Ambrose

Bonnie Holt Ambrose has been designing, cutting, and maintaining costumes in her own theatrical supply company for over 25 years. Ambrose supplies costumes to many light opera companies, Gilbert & Sullivan Performance Groups, and educational theatre productions. Her shows have been produced at the Wortham Theatre Center, Houston, Texas to the Buxton Opera House, Buxton, England and all points in between. The patterns she designs are also popular with re-enactment groups.
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