Ladies In Furs 1940-1990

Other titles by Anna Municchi

Ladies In Furs 1900-1940


  • 142 Pages
  • 8½x11½ Hardcover
  • Index, Bibliography
  • Color and B&W Illustrations
  • Costume & Fashion Press / QSM
  • 9780896762077
  • 0-89676-207-6

The story continues. In the early 1940s Fur Fashion was all about warmth. With the war over breeders, tanners, furriers, tailors and designers went to work again. New techniques and extravagant designs are beautifully documented in many color illustrations and photographs.

This is a must have addition to any costume and fashion historian/designer’s library. Be sure to see how the story began in the companion volume: Ladies in Furs 1900-1940.

Anna Municchi 

Anna Municchi is a graduate in journalism who writes on fashion and costume for Italian newspapers and fashion magazines.  She is a specialist in the furs sector and is the author of three volumes of The Twentieth Century Histories of Fashion: Furs for Men, Ladies in Furs 1900-1940, and Ladies in Furs 1940-1990.


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