Costume In Detail 1730-1930


391 Pages
8x10 Paper
370 full page B&W Illustrations
Costume & Fashion Press / QSM

Written by a leading authority in her field, Costume in Detail: Women's Dress 1730- 1930 is an invaluable source of information to those concerned with fashion, with period dress, with history, and with theater, film, or television.

Many years of research into dresses, accessories and underwear in private collections have culminated in this remarkably fine set of highly skilled, well documented drawings and detailed studies, which show not only the outside of the garment from various views, but the inside construction as well.

Only a mere handful of the dresses or accessories featured in this book have ever been seen by the general public; some of them are too frail ever to be put on view. Now, in these detailed drawings, their delicate charm is preserved so that the dress can be studied from every aspect.

Over 370 full page drawings and highly detailed studies together with a scholarly and informative text.

About Nancy Bradfield

Nancy Bradfield was an adviser to the National Trust and a lecturer on the History of Costume at Gloucester College of Art. The majority of research has been done in private collections and has culminated in this remarkably fine set of highly skilled well documented drawings and detailed studies of dresses and accessories, only a few of which have been seen in public. She is also the author of Historical Costume of England: 1066-1968.
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