Screenwriter Looks at the Screenwriter, The


  • 362 Pages
  • 6x9 Paper
  • Silman-James Press
  • 9781879505018
  • 1-879505-01-0

Twelve top Hollywood screenwriters discuss their craft and their lives with insider William Froug. They discuss the ups and downs of their profession, good scripts and bad scripts, how scripts develop and change, the role writers play in bringing about the finished film, and their collaborations with legendary directors, producers, and other writers.

Interviews with
NUNNALLY JOHNSON (The Grapes of Wrath, The Three Faces of Eve)
I.A.L. DIAMOND (Some Like it Hot, The Apartment)
BUCK HENRY (The Graduate, Catch–22)
STIRLING SILLIPHANT (Village of the Damned, In the Heat of the Night)
WILLIAM BOWERS (The Gunfighter, My Man Godfrey)
RING LARDNER, JR. (Forever Amber, M*A*S*H)
WALTER BROWN NEWMAN (The Man with the Golden Arm, The Great Escape)
EDWARD ANHALT (The Boston Strangler, Jeremiah Johnson)
FAY KANIN (Rhapsody, Teacher’s Pet)
JONATHAN AXELROD (The Dirty Movie, Every Little Crook and Nanny)
LEWIS JOHN CARLINO (Seconds, The Great Santini)
DAVID GILER (Myra Breckenridge, Aliens)

“I have read this book from cover to cover at least twelve times.  It is the truest, most accurate depiction of screenwriting ever published.  There is no other book like it.  No other book comes close to it.”
—Jack Epps, Co-screenwriter, Top Gun, Dick Tracy

“The Screenwriter Looks at the Screenwriter was among the first and remains among the best books I have ever read about the art and craft of screenwriting.  Both practical and inspirational, it consistently speaks with the voices of experience and wisdom.  I recommend it for every screenwriter beginning the long journey.”
—Lawrence Kasden, Screenwriter, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark

”A body blow to the auteur theory—thought provoking and entertaining—the book that convinced me to write screenplays.”
—Joe Eszterhas, Screenwriter, Music Box, Basic Instinct

“The most intelligent and sympathetic book I know about for those intense private struggles between the screenwriter and his imagination.  Froug encourages his subject to reveal insights about the art and the craft of screenwriting that they may not have otherwise expressed, even to themselves.”
—Roger Ebert

William Froug

William Froug (1922-2013) was an Emmy-winning writer-producer, author, and screenwriting professor. His television credits include The Twilight Zone, Playhouse 90,  Gilligan's Island, Charlie's Angels, and Bewitched. While serving as executive in charge of drama at CBS, he pursued teaching and became an adjunct professor at USC’s film school from 1968-1975. Later, he became a tenured professor at UCLA, where he founded it's present film and television writing program. The Producers Guild named him Producer of the Year in 1956, and the Writers Guild of America awarded him their Valentine Davies Award in 1987. He is the author of five books on screenwriting and a memoir, How I Escaped from Gilligan's Island: And Other Misadventures of a Hollywood Writer-Producer.


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