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Art of the Interview, The

A Guide to Insightful Interviewing

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Martin Perlich

Art of the Interview, The
Art of the Interview, The
130 pages
5.5x8.5, paper
The Art of the Interview teaches just that—the interviewer's art of preparation, attitude, interaction, and improvisation. In its few pages, it provides an invaluable set of practical guidelines for both novice and veteran interviewers working in all media. Through the author's accompanying tales and anecdotes, culled from his long and noted interview career, these guidelines are brought to life and light is shed on the activity's many pitfalls and agile-minded ways of avoiding them.

Martin Perlich has interviewed leaders in the fields of arts, entertainment, politics, and sports since 1965. Currently, he produces radio shows for the Los Angeles-area public radio station KCSN, where he is the Program Director. Among these shows is the award-winning series Martin Perlich Interviews, for which his guests have included Carl Sagan, Martin Scorsese, Pierre Boulez, Placido Domingo, Bill Evans, Tom Waits, Peter Townshend, Gore Vidal, and a wide range of other world-class creative people.

“World’s best interviewer.” — Stan Lee
“Martin is truly extraordinary!”
—Leonard Bernstein

"Martin Perlich is 'The Artist of the Interview.' This is the only book you'll ever need. So read it and start asking the right questions."
—Molly Barnes, art critic, owner of Molly Barnes Gallery, and former Programming Director of Artists Talk on Art

"No matter how much interviewing experience you have, you will learn something insightful from this book." —William Toutant, composer, former Dean of the College of Arts, Media, and Communications, California State University Northridge

“You don't need to be a student of journalism to get something out of this marvelous little tome. This is a must read for all who need to connect and learn from other human beings. It offers insight after precious insight on the fundamental communications strategies necessary for inspired, spontaneous conversation. For me it has become an essential handbook. "
—Ian Krouse, composer, Vice-Chair of the Music Department, UCLA.

"If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing any of the myriad Martin Perlich Interviews, you know that Martin has charm, skill, and endless savvy when confronting the great personalities of our time. But now his secret is out: There is method to his madness, as scrupulously delineated in his The Art of the Interview, a volume as infectious in print as his interviews are on-the-air."
—John Schneider, guitarist, composer, host of the radio show Global Village (KPFK)

"Martin Perlich is a true original"
—Sandra Tsing Loh

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